How much will my Divorce Cost?

Charges and solicitors’ fees: Private clientshow much does divorce cost

Like most firms of solicitors, our fees are based on how much time is spent on a case as well as the seniority of the person responsible for it. We do, however, offer an initial free consultation either face to face or by telephone.

Given our degree of specialism and experience we consider our hourly fees very competitive especially compared to our competitors and also those firms in central London.

Following the initial consultation (please see our Road Map) you would be provided with our client care and terms of engagement letter to include the terms and conditions. This sets out how much we charge, hourly rates and details of any relevant cost estimates that we can give at that stage. Then as your case progresses we will provide you with regular costs information to keep you informed as to the level of costs you are incurring and are likely to incur in the future. Our financial procedure chart is a useful tool to guide you through the process.

When we bill you for our work you will receive a narrative describing the work done as well as a detailed breakdown setting how the fees have been calculated.

You may also set an upper limit on the amount of our fees. This means that you are to pay the fees up to an agreed limit and then we will inform you as soon as it appears that the limit may be exceeded and the limit will not be exceeded without first obtaining your consent.

We understand that some people may wish to conduct their case and proceedings on their own but might require our advice and assistance as and when required. This is a service we are able to offer. We do not undertake publically funded (Legal Aid) work.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain an order from the Court that the other party is responsible for part of all of your costs. The Court retains discretion in respect of costs and if this applies to your case we will explore this with you in full.

To find out more about our solicitors’ fees or to arrange a consultation with a family law specialist please contact Maguire Family Law by telephone +44  (0) 1625 544650 or by email